One cauliflower, three ways

One of the ways in which we can contribute during these challenging times is to look after our health as best we can, within our current limits. Nature does provide in the simplest ways. One ingredient can yield multiple offerings. Cauliflower is exemplary for its capacities, especially as every part is edible! Florets, leaves and stalk. Roast them, blanch them, shred them, marinade them. Add to curries, soups, salads, pickles and whatever your culinary imagination can muster!.

Cauliflower is from the brassica family and an incredible food hero in supporting our hormones, liver function, containing protective antioxidants and phytonutrients.

1- Roasted spiced cauliflower, tinned chickpea and tomato salad with herbs, and olive oil.
2- Sautéed cauliflower leaves with garlic, ginger and olive oil
3- Pickled /marinaded stems with soy, sesame, red chili paste and chives.